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Flight to

      You may refer to the airport arrival identification guide passengers go to the baggage claim hall.

For transfer

      Connecting boarding passengers: please confirm your flight boarding information through staff flights or inquiries, and the reference building transit passengers guide logo guidelines to the corresponding terminal area of the airport waiting. No connecting boarding passengers: please refer to guide the identification guide terminal transit passengers, 2 layer to turn at the check-in.

Frontier inspection

      If you are foreign tourists, please submit your valid passport, visa, exit registration card and a valid entry visa within a specified period of time, exit. If you are a Chinese passengers (including Hong Kong, Taiwan residents), please submit your passport, valid visa. As to the relevant departments issued abroad to prove, please timely produce.

Safety inspection

      the boarding pass, ticket and valid passport documents prepared in advance, and to the safety inspector inspection. In order to ensure flight safety, passengers must pass from the security check, carry on baggage must be approved by X - ray machines, thank you for your cooperation.

The customs check

      If you carry to the customs declaration of goods, must fill in "the people's Republic of China Customs entry-exit passengers baggage declaration form", select "declare" channel (also known as the "red channel") clearance; if not, no need to fill out the "Declaration", select the "nothing to declare (also known as the" green channel "channel") clearance.


      After security check, you can according to the boarding pass marked the gate to the corresponding terminal area resting and waiting. Typically, the flight took off at least 30 minutes before boarding, please pay attention to the broadcast tips and flight information display. Need to check the boarding, please get ready.